My students often ask me which podcasts I listen to on national security, foreign policy, military and strategic studies and international affairs. I have some favourites, but decided to crowd-source this question on Twitter. Below is a list of podcasts you may find interesting if you can't get enough international security! I've grouped them into some loose categories, but there is obviously a lot of overlap. Please let me know if I have missed any!


Oh! And don't forget to check out the new podcast by myself and Professor Craig Forcese at University of Ottawa on Canadian national security policy and law - A Podcast Called Intrepid


Cyber Security and Technology Policy

The Cyber Security Podcast (New America and Christian Science Monitor)

The Cyber Law Podcast (Lawfare)


Recorded Future

Technology Policy Podcast (Centre for Strategic and International Studies)


US National Security Policy and Law

Bombshell (War on the Rocks): Bi-weekly podcast on US national security (a lot on process, which is actually quite interesting). Also, booze and pop culture.

Covert Contact (The Blogs of War Podcast) : Strategy, technology and intelligence

Deep State Radio: US National Security and Foreign Policy

Hoover Institution: Security by the Book: Interviews with authors of new national security books (sometimes overlap with Lawfare)

The Lawfare Podcast (Lawfare): Coverage of US national security, law and policy. Often covers cyber-security, the Russia Investigation, various agencies, etc

The Loopcast: Covering issues related to security and technology

The National Security Law Podcast (Lawfare): The most “law” of the lawfare podcasts, but applied to current events and issues.

On Violent Extremism (Centre for Strategic and International Studies): podcast on terrorism and CVE

Rational Security (Lawfare): Policy orientated discussions on current events with Brookings Institution folks

Smart Women, Smart Power (Centre for Strategic and International Studies): National security with women leaders and experts in national security, international business and foreign policy

SpyCast (International Spy Museum): Real spy stories

War on the Rocks (War on the Rocks): US National Security Strategy, defence and foreign policy. Flagship podcast of the popular blog.

Women in National Security (Centre for New American Security) Interviews with women in US National security


Military, Foreign Policy and Area Studies

Arms Control Wonk:  nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation

Brussels Sprouts (Centre for New American Security)  - NATO, the EU, Russia, and all things Europe

China Power (Centre for Strategic and International Studies) on China:

CSIS Podcast (Centre for Strategic and International Studies) podcast on major stories in US Foreign Policy and international affairs

The Diplomat: Asia Geopolitics:

Pod Save the World: (US foreign policy version of Pod Save America)

Power Vertical (RFE/RL): Russian affairs and politics

Sea Control (Center for International Maritime Security): Maritime security and technology

War College: (War is Boring, formerly associated with Reuters) – Weapons systems and tactics