Globe and Mail commentary on National Security/Terrorism:

"Why the Islamic State must be fought on four fronts", 14 March, 2016

"A crumbling 'caliphate' is still a threat to Canada", 23 March 2016

"Only global action can end terrorist hostage takings", 29 April 2016

"What can be done to stop domestic terrorists", 15 June 2016 (with Jeremy Littlewood)

"After Nice, a bolstered Islamic State - and an increased risk of cascading terrorism", 15 July 2016

"Why we don't have all the answers to fighting terrorism in Canada", 13 August 2016

"Where is the review of intelligence analysis at CSIS?", 4 November 2016

"Trump's Feud with U.S. intelligence will make us all less safe", 6 January 2017

"Trump's Immigration ban will make America less safe", 7 March 2017

"We aren't prepared to fight violent extremism in Canada" 21 May 2017

"Despite IS attacks, there is progress on counterterrorism" 28 May 2017

"Chrystia Freeland must turn vision into reality", 6 June 2017


Other commentary

"An audacious vision of Canada's place in a changing world", Maclean's, 8 June 2017

"Trump is planting the seeds of long-term foreign policy damage",, 31 May 2017

"Unpredictable Trump may make Syrian situation worse", Ottawa Citizen, 7 April 2017

"When it comes to terrorism, Europe has it worse", National Post 11 August, 2016

"All Politics is Local: What we can expect from the Munk debate on foreign policy", NPSIA Blog, September 2015

"Leadership labels: No, Harper is not a neo-con", Canadian International Council, September 2015

"The Seven Deadly Sins of Foreign Policy", Foreign Policy, October 2013

"A View to a Kill", Canadian International Council, December 2011


Bill C-59 Commentary

"Is the public safety minister's job just too big?", Maclean's, 26 June 2017

"Canada's security overhaul needs a comms makeover to match", Open Canada, 29 June 2017